Water softeners

CV Devroe is exclusive distributor of Hague water softeners for the region. The Hague water softeners combine 4 functions in a single device: the water is filtered and decalcified, and chlorine, odour, colour and heavy metals are removed from the water. The devices also have a self-cleaning filter and decalcifier with constant anti-bacterial action. The filter cartridges do not have to be replaced. Finally, the Hague softeners are particularly economic with salt and rinse water.

More comfort, less bill

At CV Devroe we are the great supporters of the installation of a water softener. A water softener not only gives increased comfort, it also means a substantial reduction of your energy bill. Calcium fur causes energy loss in the heat exchanger, which means an increase of 10% on the annual energy bill of an average family. The heating elements of electric boilers can also be damaged by the calcium, which again means higher repair costs.


Water softeners also mean better hygiene. Calcium fur and corrosion in the pipes cause cracks. The presence of these weak points and the damp climate encourage the proliferation of bacteria. So, the more calcium deposit, the higher the risk of bacteria.

Conclusion: water softeners not only give increased comfort, they also protect against bacteria and are better for the environment and for the wallet!