Heat pumps

With a heat pump you heat your home in a future-oriented, environmentally aware and budget-friendly manner. However, the operation of heat pumps is rather more complicated than a solar-powered boiler. A heat pump combines different sources of energy, i.e., water, earth or air. There are in fact 3 kinds of heat pump:

  • Heat pumps based on air. Even at low outdoor temperatures heat pumps can extract the heat from the external air. The heat-exchange medium in this case is water. Reversible models are used for cooling during the summer.
  • Heat pumps based on water. That is to say: spring water, groundwater or underground water. With this water the pump sends the right amount of heating or cooling water to the right place.
  • Geothermal (ground source) heat pumps. Energy obtained from the ground, via boreholes, provides heating for your home. Some models also provide hot water for sanitary installations.

CV Devroe installs only the latest generation of heat pumps. This means that you can enjoy a guaranteed living comfort. You also heat your home with energy efficiency in mind and you can count on allowances from the government.

HEat in store

Besides geothermal (ground effect) heat pumps CV Devroe also distributes energy storage heaters. Energy storage heaters control the heat management of the stored energy and guarantee that the heat obtained from solar energy is always accorded priority use.

Heat always in store; the strictest requirements in comfort and hygiene are now satisfied.