Nothing as pleasant in the home as an enclosed or open (gas) fire. You can also come and choose from different models at CV Devroe:

Enclosed wood-burning fire

Even in these modern times wood gives an unequalled flame-dance and cosy, relaxed heat. The open fire is now replaced by the enclosed wood-burning fire or heater with increased ease of operation. Enclosed (“box”) fires are also more economic and safer to use.

Enclosed gas fire

There’s nothing as nice as coming home in the evening and turning on the gas fire from your armchair. Enjoying the comfort of a gas fire with a very convincing visual fire effect. Modern gas fires are also high-output. With the special exhaust they can be placed in practically any situation.

Open gas fire

The open fire is a real ambiance fire. The open gas fires create a natural effect. In these fires the pleasing, realistic flame-dance comes even more beautifully into its own. The fires have a low thermal output, but this is compensated by their high atmosphere value.

Energy storage heaters

Besides fires CV Devroe also offers energy storage heaters. Energy storage heaters can absorb the heat from an external source, such as a fire or a boiler, and then transmit it for priority sanitary and/or heating support.

Heat always in store; the strictest requirements in comfort and hygiene are now satisfied.